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Le Fey Graphics
Welcome to Le Fey Graphics! 
21st-Aug-2008 03:26 pm
Welcome to Le Fey Graphics! This is where you will find my graphics old and new. And for the first post I am going to post my latest graphic - - a Tarja Turunen set using lyrics from her brand new song "Enough"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And also a note - - if you would like to join this community as an artist please send me a message through my LJ which is Leia Le Fey and if I use anyone's brushes, photos, actions, etc without credit or have forgotten to give it please let me know and I will give it. Also I would like you to let me know if you take my work for your use but you make take it as you please - - it is all watermarked please DO NOT remove the watermarks if you are going to use my work.
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